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We all like taking photos with our smartphones and other mobile devices. However, did you know that you can print your mobile photos instantly? With Polaroid zip app, you are able to send mobile and smartphone photos into a Polaroid Zip (Zink Instant Mobile Printer) for printing. Polaroid zip is a pocketable photo printer that turns your smartphone images into 2×3 borderless prints. Through Bluetooth, The printer connects to the Polaroid zip app on your phone in order to print photos.


polaroid zip appWhat Can You Do With The Polaroid Zip App

The Polaroid zip app not only lets you think of instant photos but also, comes with amazing features that helps you to print instant photos on different mobile platforms including windows, android, iOS and blackberry. All you need is the Polaroid zip printer and the application on your mobile device. The app offers you with different functions including; the ability to edit photos, add text, animations, emojis and send private messages – all from your Polaroid zip app. The app interface comes with the following features;


Quick Print

Quick print enables you to print photos directly from your mobile device and place them on the palm of your hands without making any edits. This is swift and is useful when printing large volume of photos.


Edit print

Edit print is a feature on the Polaroid zip app that lets you tint, crop, zoom or color your image in order to come up with a perfect picture. The feature can enable you to personalize your photos by drawing, adding messages, emojis, animations, borders and so much more.


Secret view

This is one of the amazing features that we have on the Polaroid zip app. It enables you to create customized photos with hidden messages through the QR code. You have the ability to share these photos with the people you want. You can make amazing photos with this feature.



If you want to split your photos into several tiles, you can use the collage feature. Collage enables you to create two, three up to nine tiles on your photo. This can enable you to print fun collages by combining different photos into one.


Name Card

Polaroid zip app has a calling card printing feature that enables you to utilize different platforms in order to come up with a card that is most appealing to your preferences. You can print this card instantly and let people know about your contacts.


My Zip

My zip feature keeps records for you. It keeps a tab of the printed photos as well as those on the waiting list.


So that’s are guide to the Polaroid Zip App, its a great feature that is free to download for all Polaroid Zip Users, if you’d like to check out our Polaroid Zip reviews CLICK HERE.

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