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Product Name:Fujifilm SP-1 Share
Dimensions:4.8 x 1.65 x 4 inches
Connectivity Technology:Wi-Fi
Print Size:2" x 3"
Item Weight:0.56 pounds
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Review Fujifilm SP-1 Instax

On this page we’ll be looking at the Fujifilm SP-1 Instax Share portable photo printer, this is a great pocket-sized printer, which has zero ink technology. It has recently been upgraded to the Fujifilm Instax SP-2 which you can check out in our review here.

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In this review, we’ll be checking out the Instax SP-1’s best features and we will get into how good or bad this portable photo printer really is. We will also be looking at a few customer opinions, to see what other users are really saying about this product, so expect some honest opinions on the Instax SP-1.

So, we hope that after reading this review you will be able to make a better decision on whether the Instax is the right printer for you and where to find the best price for the Instax SP-1.

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Fujifilm Instax Sp-1 Review

Fujifilm SP-1 Main Features: 

  • Easy and quick Wi-Fi printing from smartphones and tablets
  • INSTAX Share App works with iOS and Android. This item requires the customer to download the Instax Share App from the Apple app store. It requires iOS 5.0 or later.
  • Enjoy a variety of templates: Real-Time, Limited Edition, SNS (Facebook and Instagram), Square(Add Text) and Standard
  • Uses Instax Mini Instant Film
  • Uses two CR2 lithium batteries (approximately 100 prints per set)


fujifilm sp-1 review

Why Buy The Fujifilm SP-1 Instax Share Smartphone Printer?

The Fujifilm SP-1 Instax Share is a great printer if you’re looking for a completely portable printer. It measures a pocket-size 4 inches wide by 1.7 inches tall by 4.5 inches deep. But, this is not your standard photo printer, on no, there is no ink tank to change or stacks of blank photo paper lying around. Instead, it uses a similar method associated with Polaroid cameras, and it has a 10-print cartridge of instant film.

This is a great pocket-size printer but the prints are slightly small at  3.4 by 2.1 inch. So if this is something that concerns you, you may want to check out the Canon Selphy CP1200 which has larger prints and a colour display. That being said the Fujifilm SP-1 is still a great portable photo printer.

Setup is super easy and the unit is totally portable when ran on the two CR2 lithium batteries, but when you’re not out and about and you’re by a power plug then you can use the optional power adapter.

The printer could not be easier, it’s as simple as dropping in the batteries, adding the film cartridge, and then you’re ready to take some great shots on your digital camera, phone, or tablet and then print them.

The prints have a great colour reproduction, and are sharp but still keep that retro feel we love about instant cameras, and also develop quickly and prints at a decent speed.


Good points of the Instax Share SP-1 –

  • Super easy setup and use.
  • Compatible with Android or iOS smartphones.
  • Fast print speed, around 16 seconds.

Bad points –

  • Can be costly per print of a photo.
  • Credit-card-size prints have a border, similar to polaroid photos, so the actual size of the print is only 1.75 by 2.47 inches. (Some may like this, we do, but we love the look of the old-style Polaroid prints).



We think the Fujifilm SP-1 is a great pocket-sized portable printer, as we mentioned previously the only downside to this printer is the size of the print, that’s if you were looking to print larger photos. But with its speedy printing, portability and ease of use, the Instax Share SP-1 is a great pick.  If you are still undecided check out our photo printer guide for 2016, where we also review a few printers that print larger photos.


Customer Reviews and Scores

The Fujifilm Instax Sp-1 is great for printing your photos when you’re out and about. It has a fast printing time and is easy to power with extra batteries. But would do the actual customers and users say about the Instax SP-1?

We have found a few reviews so far on Amazon.com but most of these reviews are very good giving the Instax SP-1 a great score of 4.4 stars out of a possible on average.

Most reviews are very positive overall, One review said “Really happy with the Instax Share. It’s the perfect way to get the retro feel of a polaroid while using modern editing techniques to make sure you get the perfect snapshot.”

But there were a few customers that had some niggling points. Such as that the “The colour is always shown whiter than regular colour.” and “The size and quality are nice but I could not get my iPhone 6 plus to “find the printer”.”

However most don’t have the same opinion “great item indeed I enjoy printing pictures with it, love it ?❤️”

We agree that the Instax SP-1 is a great portable photo printer and is very easy to recommend to our readers.


Fujifilm Instax SP-1 Review


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